Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Consulting engineers offer professional engineering services and expertise to both public and private sector organizations. Consulting engineers also act as independent agents and advocates for their clients, and are responsible for finding innovative solutions to technical problems and provide strategic advice to business and management. In Canada, these licensed professionals offer a wide array of services and expertise in areas not only related to engineering and science, but also in economic sectors such as energy, resource development, environmental protection, and manufacturing. Firms that specialize in consulting engineering are responsible for designing and building much of our public infrastructure. The solutions and services that consulting engineers provide include:

  • pre-feasibility and investment studies
  • social-impact and environmental-impact studies
  • preliminary and final designs for construction or engineering work
  • supervision and inspection of construction work, including on-site project management
  • technical assistance and advice
  • asset-management studies.
Robert Dale is a licensed Consulting Engineer.

Are you unsure if your thoughts and concepts will fit on your site? Or if it meets code? Or cost? We can help. Preliminary design concepts allow for your thoughts to be transposed onto paper, allowing for costing and budgets to be set. Renderings and marketing plans are also available.


A site plan is an architectural plan, landscape architecture document, and a detailed engineering drawing of proposed improvements to a given lot. A site plan usually shows a building footprint, travelways, parking, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, and landscaping and garden elements.

Many municipalities are also requiring Storm Water Management Plans to be completed as part of this process. Robert E. Dale Limited is well versed with many municipalities requirements and can design your site.


Robert E. Dale Limited designs the structural and civil elements of several Commercial/ Multi Residential/ Residential and Industrial Buildings a year across Canada. This includes the structural systems, foundations, building envelopes and various other structural elements. Our Office has completed many reinforcing, renovation and retrofit projects as well. By utilizing our vast experience in many different construction methods and our attention to detail, the end result is what we all want; a cost effective, strong building built on rock solid theory.

Structural Services Provided:

1) Full Building Structural Design- Commercial / Multi Residential / Industrial
2) Structural Reinforcing Design for new loads and equipment.
3) Foundation Design
4) Specialty Structural Services include the following:

  • Foundation Settlement and Stabilization Investigations.
  • Structural Reinforcing for new Loads or Equipment.
  • Insurance Checks such as Fire and Water Damage.
  • Residential Foundation and Reinforcing Design.
  • Temporary Scaffolding and Shoring Design.

Headed by Robert Dale, P.Eng, our mechanical division is responsible for the design, specifications and inspections of the mechanical and public health systems required for the safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation of modern buildings. Our experience in grocery store mechanical, commercial building mechanical, multi residential mechanical and industrial requirements makes our office an excellent choice to design the comfortable, energy efficient system your building needs.