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30+ Years of Service & Dedication

Robert E. Dale Limited, Consulting Engineer is a multi-discipline engineering company. We are privately owned with a head office in Sarnia, Ontario, and are licensed in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nunavut, and Yukon.

Since our establishment in 1991, we have provided quality engineering services to clients in industrial, commercial, multi-residential, and care occupancies, working on an average of $80-$100 million in construction at any given time. The owner, Geoffrey Dale, is a 2nd generation owner and working member of our team involved in all aspects of a project from conception to schematic to final design and continuing through to the end of the construction.

Our team has been recognized in the engineering industry for innovative solutions that meet our client’s needs in an effective and efficient manner. Robert E. Dale Limited works in collaboration with our clients and their other engineering teams to design energy, fire protection, waste and water systems that support the development of sustainable, profitable buildings.


Structural Engineering

Robert E. Dale Limited designs the structural elements of commercial, multi-residential, and commercial buildings across Canada. This includes foundations, structural systems, building envelopes, and other structural elements.

Civil/SWMM Engineering

We offer comprehensive civil engineering services, specializing in site development, infrastructure design, SWMM engineering, and project management. With a proven track record, we deliver innovative solutions for multi-residential, commercial, and municipal projects, ensuring quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction.

HVAC, Mechanical, & Electrical

We specialize in high-efficiency HVAC and mechanical design, as well as electrical design engineering services. Our expertise ensures energy-efficient systems and seamless integration for your projects, delivering exceptional performance and cost savings.

Green Building

Robert E. Dale Ltd. provides expert green building engineering consulting services. We specialize in sustainable design and solutions, helping you achieve environmentally friendly and energy-efficient projects.

Renewable Energy Systems

We offer top-notch engineering consulting for renewable energy systems. Our expertise ensures efficient and sustainable solutions, making your projects environmentally responsible and energy-smart.

Continuous Building Optimization

Discover our cutting-edge engineering consulting services for continuous building optimization. At Robert E. Dale Ltd, we fine-tune systems and processes to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability for any project.




Geoff Dale

Geoff Dale brings over two decades of engineering design expertise to the table, officially graduating from Fanshawe College in 2000. However, his journey into engineering design began much earlier during his high school years, where he actively immersed himself in the field. Visiting his father's office after school and during summers, Geoff honed his skills, mastering basic AutoCAD drawings and even handling "old school" blueprints with precision.

As a hands-on President at REDL, Geoff's involvement in our projects is comprehensive. His core strengths lie in civil and structural design, as well as project management, where his expertise shines. Geoff is known for his practical, common-sense approach to problem-solving, always ready to lend an ear to clients and support the team's success.

Beyond the office, Geoff cherishes his time with his wife, Chantal, and their four boys. His commitment to the community is palpable, as he actively participates in local hockey leagues and engages with various charities and organizations, including Captain Kidd Days, Corunna Minor Baseball, Knight's of Columbus, and sponsoring children's sports teams. Geoff's dedication extends to coaching a youth hockey team in Mooretown and a youth baseball team in Corunna, exemplifying his passion for nurturing young talent and giving back to the community.

Senior Engineering Consultant

Robert E. Dale, P. Eng.

Bob Dale, our Senior Engineering Consultant, celebrated 40 years in engineering after graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1974. His dedication to our company is exceptional.

Bob's career is a testament to his commitment to excellence. He joined the Professional Engineers of Ontario (P.E.O.) in 1976 and earned the Engineering Consultant Designation in 1990, highlighting his expertise and dedication. Alongside his wife, Linda Dale, he founded Robert E. Dale Limited in 1991, laying the foundation for our company's success.

Bob's professional reach extends across multiple Canadian provinces, reflecting the trust clients place in his expertise. His tireless work ethic and commitment to goals permeate every aspect of his work, making him a sought-after expert witness due to his vast knowledge.

In addition to his work, Bob enjoys trips to Florida and Kincardine. He also treasures time with his 10 grandchildren, reflecting his passion for family and community. Bob Dale's legacy as our Senior Engineering Consultant is marked by dedication, expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

Office Manager

Chantal Dale

Chantal is an invaluable asset to the company as our dedicated Office Manager, overseeing the seamless daily operations of Robert E. Dale Ltd. Her exceptional organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail ensure that everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

In her role, Chantal takes on multifaceted responsibilities, significantly contributing to our success. She diligently tracks project progress, exceeding deadlines, and prioritizes client satisfaction. Chantal also collaborates on financial matters with Bri, maintaining our company's financial health.

Beyond REDL, Chantal's remarkable passion for aviation boasts 3500 hours as an experienced pilot, starting with Lambton College's program and further honing her skills at the Huron Flight Centre in Sarnia.

Chantal's interests extend beyond aviation, finding joy in sports like hockey and volleyball, as well as leisurely walks. She dedicates her time generously to her boys' school parent advisory council, exemplifying her commitment to education and community involvement. Additionally, Chantal plays a key role as the treasurer in the Mooretown Minor Hockey Association.

Chantal's diverse skills, commitment to excellence, and community engagement are integral to our REDL team, embodying our company's ethos.

Accounts Manager

Bri Inchley

Bri is an invaluable member of REDL, serving as our dedicated Accounts Manager and playing a pivotal role in coordinating the financial aspects of our business. Since her arrival at the firm in 2003, she has consistently demonstrated her proficiency in managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, and monthly billing, ensuring the financial health of the company.

Bri's educational background is a testament to her diverse skill set. She pursued studies in social work at Lambton College, and her commitment to continuous learning led her to Seneca College, where she delved into chemical engineering. This unique blend of knowledge equips her with a multifaceted perspective that she brings to her role in managing the financial intricacies of our projects.

Beyond her contributions to the company, Bri's impact extends to her local community, where she has raised substantial funds for various organizations. Her philanthropic endeavors, such as supporting St. Clair Child and Youth, exemplify her dedication to making a positive difference beyond the office walls.

Outside of work and community involvement, Bri finds joy in spending quality time with her husband, cherished family members, and her two beloved dogs, Joie and Marlee. Her commitment to family, community, and her role at REDL makes her an integral part of our team, embodying our company's values and dedication to excellence.

Structural EIT

Sumeet Patel

Sumeet is a highly valuable member of our team, serving as our Structural EIT (Engineer-in-Training). With over 5 years of hands-on experience in design and planning engineering, he has built a strong track record in both the Canadian and Indian construction industries.

Sumeet's educational background is impressive, holding a Bachelor of Engineering from the prestigious Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India, and a Master of Engineering from the University of Windsor. This academic foundation equips him with a comprehensive understanding of engineering principles and practices, which he skillfully applies to his work at our company.

What sets Sumeet apart is his proficiency in a wide range of software tools and technologies. His expertise extends to Autocad, Revit, SAP ERP, MS Project, Tekla Structure (Steel), RISA, Stand-pro, SAP2000, and Autodesk Robot, providing our team with a technological edge in structural engineering and design.

Sumeet's contribution to our projects is invaluable, as he combines his education, experience, and technological prowess to deliver innovative and efficient structural solutions. His commitment to excellence and active engagement in our engineering endeavors make him an indispensable asset to our company, consistently ensuring the successful execution of our projects.

Architectural Designer

Cinara Almeida

Cinara, an Architectural Designer on our team, contributes extensive international expertise to our projects. Hailing from Brazil, she earned dual degrees in Interior Design from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2004 and Architecture and Urbanism from the Anhanguera University in 2014. Her background encompasses over 17 years of involvement in diverse architectural and design projects, along with more than 18 years of proficiency in AutoCad and related tools within her home country.

Cinara joined the REDL team in 2021 as an architectural designer, where her main responsibilities encompass architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical design. Collaborating closely with our team, she plays a pivotal role in producing drawings for permits and construction projects, ensuring precision and excellence in every detail.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Cinara dedicates her time to volunteering at her Catholic church, embodying her commitment to community and service. In her leisure moments, she enjoys the company of her husband and her beloved cat, Marulla. An enthusiast of outdoor sports, Cinara takes full advantage of the stunning landscapes that Lake Huron offers. Her international experience and expertise, combined with her passion for design and community engagement, make Cinara a valuable member of our team at REDL, embodying our company's values and dedication to excellence.

Architectural Designer

Unnati Chaudhari

Unnati is both an artist and an accomplished architect, bringing a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess to our team. She's committed to her professional growth, currently pursuing a Project Management course at Lambton since September 2022.

Unnati holds a degree in Architecture from Mumbai University, India, and has gained valuable experience working with prestigious architectural firms. Her portfolio boasts projects for the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and various international ventures, showcasing her versatility and global perspective.

Within R.E. Dale Ltd., Unnati plays a vital role in a wide range of projects, spanning residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. She excels in developing comprehensive architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical layouts and detailings, ensuring the success of our projects from concept to completion.

Unnati is known for her proactive approach and enthusiasm, always eager to tackle new challenges and deliver innovative solutions. Her passion for sketching and creative expression is evident in her work, and she finds solace in her artistic pursuits. Additionally, her culinary skills and exploration of her new surroundings in this beautiful country enrich her life outside of work.

Architectural Designer

Manjinder Singh

Architectural Designer

Malak Yaseen

Architectural Designer

Rosalie Terpstra


Robert E. Dale Ltd. fosters a positive and progressive culture. Collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning are our pillars. We value open communication, diverse perspectives, and support each other like family. Our employees receive ample opportunities for growth through training, mentorship, and development programs. Inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities are integral to our hiring practices. We give back to the community through philanthropy, and our commitment to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction drives us to deliver innovative solutions. With our positive and progressive culture, we confidently tackle any engineering challenge and provide exceptional service.


The team at Robert E. Dale Ltd. is deeply committed to the Sarnia-Lambton community. Our involvement reflects core values of giving back, supporting local initiatives like youth hockey, and participating in events such as “The Big Squeeze,” a city-wide lemonade stand competition that fundraises for Big Brothers Big Sisters Sarnia-Lambton, promoting mentorship and youth support. We’re also proud to join the long-standing tradition of Captain Kidd Day in Corunna every Civic holiday weekend at the Corunna Athletic Park, celebrating our community spirit with talent shows, contests, sports, parades, and more. Proceeds from Captain Kidd Day benefit local charities and youth organizations, reinforcing our commitment to community well-being. At Robert E. Dale Ltd, we extend our involvement beyond engineering, striving to build a better and more vibrant community for all.

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